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Wellness News

Wellness happening at Tavelli!

Bike Rodeo Sept 4-17

This year Safe Routes to Schools is coming to Tavelli to talk to our kids about bike safety, rules of the road and bicycle maintenance.  The first week is all classroom work. The second week the kids will have a bike rodeo out back on the playground.  If you would like to volunteer in your students classroom on that day contact Mr. Deal at If you are not able to bring a bike to school next week Safe Routes has bikes the kids can borrow.


This years 17th annual Tavelli Duathlon on Friday Sept 14th had a great community turnout. We had over 400 members our our staff/students/community come out and take part in the event that helps kick off wellness at Tavelli.  Huge thank you to Cindy Meland, Laurie Zenner and Mellissa Baatz as well as Heathy Kids Club for putting on this event.  We appreciate all that you do

Running Club

The Tavelli running club is starting the week of Sept 11th.  Running club is open to students that want to run, jog, walk, learn about health and wellness and have fun with friends.  Due to the number of kids interested we will have first come limit of 200 runners with a wait list for others that wish to run.

You do not need to be an avid runner to join for fun!

The contact Information and Waiver sheet must be signed and turned in prior to participation. 

Contact Mr. Deal for more info on the waiver.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: 8:05-8:35 Tuesdays starting September 11th thru November 6th. No running club on October 16th

3rd Grade-5th Grade: 8:05-8:35-Thursdays starting September 13th thru November 8th. No running club October 18th.

Sponsored by:Ms. Liebrecht, Mrs. Mori, Mrs. Garofalo, Mrs. Woods, Mr. Deal, Mr. Deakin, Mrs. Dermody, Ms. Klein, Mrs. Loptien.

Walk a Thon

This years walk a thon which was held on Oct 12 was a great success and a great way to keep wellness on the minds of our students and staff.

Dream Team Fitness
Dream Team is a before school reading program that empowers our 4th and 5th graders with leadership opportunities in tutoring K-3rd grade students in math and reading.  At the start of each day we have a 30 minute fitness/playtime for all students.  This allows our students to be involved in 30 extra minutes of movement everyday before they head off to work on their math and reading skills. 

Dream Team Hip Hop 
Our Dream Team has another great movement opportunity this year with the help of Ms. Sparks we have added Hip Hop to our mornings activities.  The kids are having a great time learning new dances and performing them on Fridays mornings. 

Healthy Heros and Kindness Heros
This is a program sponsored by Healthy Kids Club that rewards and recognizes our students/staff for making healthy choice as well demonstrating acts of kindness throughout our school. Student and staff can nominate individuals in each area.  At the end of each month we will have a drawing and the winners will be announced to the school and receive a t shirts and certificate.  This is our chance to catch Tavelli Tigers doing great things at our school.

Healthy Hearts Program
The Healthy Hearts program brought to us by UC Health Center is a comprehensive program for all 5th graders on healthy eating, exercise, heart health and much more.  This program is followed up by free healthy screenings for all Tavelli 5th graders and staff.   Thank you UC Health. 
More wellness events to come this year, stay tuned!