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Mrs. Tami McClain

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About Me
Hello! I am very excited to be joining the Tavelli Tigers! I grew up as a military brat and got to live in several overseas countries. When it was time for college, I moved to Oregon and got my teaching degree at Western Oregon University. I spent the last 12 years teaching in a small school just outside Salem, Oregon. I taught 5th grade for 2 years and then moved down to the primary grades where I taught 1st and 1st/2nd for the last 10 years. My husband and I moved to Fort Collins to be closer to my sister and her family. We are ready for a new adventure!
I love to learn new things so 4 years ago we bought a small property in Oregon and proceeded to fill it with animals. I learned how to take care of up to 20 chickens and 9 goats. I learned to milk my own goats and make cheese, soap and yogurt. I had a rooster so we raised our own chickens for eggs and meat. It was a lot of work but very exciting. We had a small orchard so we had a lot of fruit. We learned to can, dry and freeze our fruit! Currently, I am learning how to knit. I have mastered the basics, but find new stitches, techniques and patterns all the time. I also love to read, travel to other countries, drink coffee and eat new interesting foods.